Lily Hodgson, Instagram, +61 401 953 841
Lily Hodgson is a graphic designer currently working at Fabio Ongarato Design in Melbourne. Since graduating from the University of Technology, Sydney in 2016, Lily has freelanced both independently and within design studios. She has also lectured and hosted workshops on publication and web design with students of the Architecture School at the University of Technology, Sydney.
        Lily also continues to collaborate on projects with her partner Owen Cramp under the title OCLH. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Portfolio and resume available on request.

2013 – 2016
University of Technology, Sydney
Bachelor of Visual Communication

2018 – Present
Fabio Ongarato Design
Role: Designer
Brand identity and web design

2017 – 2018
University of Technology, Sydney
Role: Tutor
Teaching web design for Interior Spatial Design third year students

2016 – 2018
UTS School of Architecture
Role: Freelance designer
Branding and visual identity, way-finding signage, digital and printed poster design, catalogue design

Role: Freelance Designer
Packaging design, web layouts, social media graphics

University of Technology, Sydney
Role: Tutor
Hosting a book design workshop for Interior Spatial Design Master students

2016 – 2017
Nomi Furniture
Role: Designer
Branding, social media graphics and EDM layouts, exhibition design

2016 – 2017
Something Creative Co
Role: Designer
Branding and visual identity, publication design,social media artwork, web design

1/5       International Masterclasses Poster (front)
2/5       International Masterclasses Poster (back)
3/5       International Masterclasses Poster (folded)
4/5       International Masterclasses Poster (folded)
5/5       International Masterclasses Poster (folded)
1/3       Office Feuerman Identity
2/3       Office Feuerman Identity
3/3       Office Feuerman Identity
1/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
2/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
3/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
4/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
5/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
6/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
7/7       Nine Houses of the Furture
1/8        NOMI Exhibition Design
2/8        NOMI Exhibition Design
3/8        NOMI Exhibition Design
4/8        NOMI Exhibition Design
5/8        NOMI Exhibition Flyer Design
6/8        NOMI Exhibition Flyer Design
7/8        NOMI Exhibition Flyer Design
8/8        NOMI Exhibition Invites
1/4        UTS Architecture Masterclass Poster
2/4        UTS Architecture Masterclass Poster
3/4        UTS Architecture Masterclass Poster
4/4        UTS Architecture Masterclass Poster
1/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
2/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
3/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
4/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
5/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
6/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
7/7        Between the Full and the Empty Poster Design
1/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
2/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
3/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
4/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
5/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
6/6       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Exhibition
1/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
2/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
3/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
4/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
5/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
6/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
7/7       UTS Architecture Grad Show (16/16) Publication
1/4        Ten Building Poster Design
2/4        Ten Building Poster Design
3/4        Ten Building Social Media Post
4/4        Ten Building Social Media Post